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Client Quotes:

"Joe is of the genre of the concerned photographer. He sees the wedding as a rite of passage and approaches his subjects with great love and respect."

Annie Leibovitz, photographer

"Thank you for capturing some of the most important moments in our lives in such a beautiful way. Your talent has given us photos that our family, friends and we will always cherish. Your entire team is amazing!"

Yvette & Michael Jordan

"Joe is not only the best in the wedding photography business, he is also one of the best photographers working today in any field. I'm honored that he shot our wedding. The Michael Jordan of wedding photography, Joe Buissink was born to photograph weddings. Joe's eye for detail is truly astounding. We have spent the months since the wedding calling our guests to say 'do you want to see the best pictures of you ever taken?' It is a gift to have actual pieces of art attached to such a happy day, but that is what Joe has given us and we will always be grateful."

Maureen Cavanagh, Deputy Picture Editor, Sports Illustrated & Tom Cavanagh, Actor

"Joe's photographs are truly works of art. The images he captures speaks of love in a way that language cannot."

Hillary Swank & Chad Lowe

"Joe has this God-given gift to capture the love between two people on the most special day of their life! Chris and I felt like Joe was a part of our family by the end of our wedding day. His heart shines through his lens."

Hillary Scott

"Joe is an amazing photographer; tasteful and fast - it was a pleasure to have him at our wedding and an even greater pleasure to see the shots he took. Joe's talent and skill captured timeless images of a day most dear to us."

Camille & Kelsey Grammer

"As a wedding photographer, Joe is absolutely dynamite. When we looked at his proofs, which totaled somewhere around 1500 photos, there really wasn't a bad one in the bunch. Of course, that made it even harder to choose, but that's a good problem to have."

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

"Thank you so much for telling such a beautiful story. It was an honor to have you shoot our special day. You are truly incredible!! It was a powerful day and you captured every single emotion. We love you dearly!"

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

"Your photographs are exquisite; images rendered in moments captured for us to always cherish."

Afton & Brendan Fraser

"The flow of a wedding is unpredictable and it's hard to say when you will have the moments that spark or touch you the most. Somehow Joe was able to be there for those moments, capture them, and gift us with amazing images that bring us back to our wedding day every time we see them."

Desiree & Kyle MacLachlan

"Joe Buissink has taken wedding photography to a level that is an art form. The imagery and style is so intimate and heartfelt. A story is told in every photo. You are transformed right back to the very moment it was taken. He and his staff take such great care with every step of the process. Their goal is to tell a romantic story of love and union thru photographs. A story that up until now, was never told like this!"

Tiffani Thiesen & Brady Smith

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